My Grandma would have been 100 today. She died nearly twenty years ago, but it’s on days like this that she comes into my mind. Unfortunately she suffered with ill health for the last few years of her life, so I don’t have so many happy memories of her as I would like. But I can share my mother’s memories (my mum is a very vivid and descriptive storyteller) including how my grandmother and her sister were ‘sacked’ from the Mother’s Union as they were giggling so much over something which had tickled their funny-bones that the older ladies in the society thought that they were drunk! There are several more stories that my mother could tell, and I’m in the process of convincing her to set up a story-telling blog. However, back to my subject. I remember my Grandma as someone who loved me very much. She used to save up all her 20p pieces in a little bag for me (in the days when you could actually buy something with 20p) and then give them to me at the start of our visits to her during school holidays. I remember her jumping up and down on a wasp that had had the temerity to sting me! That must have happened when I was very young, as she became ill quite soon after my Grandpa died when I was three. I remember her knitting socks constantly until a couple of years before she died, when the arthritis in her hands made this hobby impossible. I remember her piercingly beautiful blue eyes and snowy white hair. Bizarrely, I remember first watching “The BFG” whilst sitting beside her in her room after she moved in with us. And I remember, after she moved to the Cottage Hospital in Aberaeron, looking forward to being able to visit her in my lunchtimes once I reached Year 9 (we weren’t allowed into the town at lunchtimes until that year). Unfortunately, this last wasn’t to be as she died not long after Christmas in my first year of high school.

I own my Grandmother’s silver cross pendant now, as well as her wedding ring which I wear every day on my right hand. I think about her more often than I think my family realise, and I wonder what she would think of what I’ve made of my life. I often imagine how much she would dote on my boys if she were here now, and wish that she had been alive to see my graduation day, my wedding day and the birth days of my two boys. However, I do believe that she is looking over me now, and that she would be glad that I found such a good man to marry, and delighted with my two handsome, healthy boys.

God bless you Grandma. You’ll never be forgotten while I’m still here to tell the stories. xx


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