Tardis birthday cake

April again, and it’s birthday cake season. My eldest son is first, and he’s a Doctor Who fanatic. I discussed what sort of cake I should make a few weeks ago, and I decided on a TARDIS cake. And here’s the picture.

I’ve got a two week gap now before I’ve got to make the next one, which I’ve been told should either be Superman, Fireman Sam, Batman or The Incredibles! So, nothing special then!

I was pleased with how this cake turned out. I think it looked better ‘in the flesh’, so to speak! I made a lemon madeira cake, then used lemon curd rather than jam to stick the icing on. I wasn’t able to use marzipan as a base, as only my mother and I like it. Then, I copied the windows and signs onto normal paper and stuck them on with some more lemon curd. I even remembered to take them off before I cut the cake. My memory is definitely improving! Anyway, I hope you like the cake. Sorry I didn’t make enough to share with everyone! But, this is the next best that I can do; a virtual slice!


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  1. The cake tasted wonderful as always!
    And, by the way, your Dad likes marzipan as well…

  2. […] than I planned in this post!) he had a great few days celebrating his birthday, loved his presents, cake and excursions, and the new episode of Doctor Who was a marvellous way to finish his […]

  3. This looks great! I will have to try it for one of my sons birthdays. We’re all big Dr. Who fans as well.

  4. Hi Jennie,
    I just found the picture of your Tardis cake, and I love it! I am going to attempt to make one tomorrow for my son’s birthday.
    We live in Lexington, KY and my boys are huge Dr. Who fans, perhaps the only ones in the state of Kentucky. (no one arond here knows anything of The Doctor). So thanks for the help!


  5. Hi Lynn,

    Good luck with the cake tomorrow – I was so pleased with this because it was so simple to create and yet my son absolutely loved it! We’re lucky in that we live where they do the majority of the filming of Doctor Who and so everyone knows about the Doctor and his companions here! And the shops are all full to the brim with all the toys and merchandise.

    How old will your son be? And how did he manage to become a fan of The Doctor in Kentucky? Is it shown much on American TV? Glad to have been of help with providing inspiration for your cake anyway! Let me know how it turns out.

  6. Wow what a fab cake!! Were brits who live in Florida and nobody here knows about Dr who 😦 I even have an exterminate message noise and the Dr Who theme ringtone on my mobile. HA My son wants me to make a cake for his birthday next week with a Dr Who theme so think I will try this.

    Where did you find the bits to download for the writing and the little Dr Who and Martha?? If I can get them will have shipped overnight!!!


  7. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I’m glad you liked my cake – it was really simple to make, and my son was thrilled with it too! We live in Cardiff and on his birthday we gave my son a pin-striped suit and took him down to Cardiff Bay where we took lots of photos of him in places where the programmes have been filmed.

    I’ve just done a quick search and both Ebay.com and Amazon.com have loads of the Doctor Who figures for sale in the US. Of course, over here in Britain the toys are everywhere so it’s really easy for us to get hold of them. Plus we have a friend who is a manager in the local Toys R Us which will be handy for Christmas!

    As for the writing, we had some stickers of the tardis windows and writing which I used. Any pictures of the tardis would do to stick onto the cake. I’ve found this link – http://www.ironcowprod.com/features/downloads.html – to a website which offers free downloads to print off a construct-your-own tardis – perhaps you could use this to make the windows and writing signs? You’d need to scroll down the page past the batman stuff to the doctor who items.

    If I can be of any more help, please let me know.

    Good luck with the cake!


  8. I think you should bake more cakes. My birthday isn’t any time soon but I’d be happy to taste test in the meantime 🙂

  9. That is cool, it reminds me of the cake my Nanny made 4 my 15th birthdau just gone. I am a big dr who fan too. They had 2 b extra careful with what ingrediants they used, coz one of my m8s is alergic 2 nuts. But it was a lot bigger than that, my birthday was like 2 weeks ago and we stll have some left LOL.

  10. Hello

    I am attempting a tardis birthday cake tomorrow for our son’s birthday. Yours looks great. What quantites did you use for the cake itself and roughly how many did it feed?

    Any help appreciated!

    Many thanks

  11. Umm, in ‘old money’ I would have used 9oz self raising flour, 6 oz granulated/caster sugar (doesn’t matter which), 6oz margerine, 3 medium eggs, 6 tablespoons milk, half a teaspoon of baking powder. As to the icing, I bought two small blocks of blue ready to roll icing from Hobbycraft, but I think I only used one, or maybe one and a little bit from the second.

    I’d imagine that I would easily have got a dozen slices from it – we like generous slices, and there weren’t that many of us eating it so I really can’t remember. You’ve got to be a little bit impressed that I can remember this much, nearly a year on!!

    Thanks for stopping by, and good luck with your baking! Let me know how it turns out. x

  12. Hi Jennie

    Thanks for the reply (which I read too late!). I used Nigella’s buttermilk birthday cake recipe in the end. Cut it in half and it made a perfect tardis shape (well, sort of). Was quite pleased with the end result!

    Thanks again for you help.


  13. I’m just about to try and make a tardis cake for my son… and a dalek cake for a friend. I hope mine looks as tidy as yours!

  14. Thank you very much for the compliment, and I hope the cake making went well!

  15. I noticed your site when I was browsing for something unrelated, but this post showed up at the top of Bing your blog must be enormously popular! Keep up the good work!

  16. Your cake looks fantastic – I’m about to go and try making one for my son’s 21st! He is having a TV/Movie theme party and is all kitted out to be “The Dr” a la David Tennant.
    If mine turns out even half as well as yours I’ll be thrilled, if not we’ll just need to pretend it’s been attacked by the Daleks!!! 🙂

  17. Lovely cake. I am making one for my daughter’s 16th on Friday and hope it turns out as well as yours. Also admired your projects on ravelry.

  18. Hi Jennie
    I too stumbled by your page when i googled Dr Who cakes……this cake is amazing!
    Can i ask you what size tin you used please? Im going to be ATEMPT to make this cake for about 26 children, should i just double up on your recipe that you gave out above?
    Also, where did you get your stickers from that you used for the windows?
    Sorry if im asking too many questions!
    As you can tell this will be my first attempt at birthday cake making!!!

  19. Hiya I am attempting to make a Tardis cake for my sister and just love this one can i ask what type of cake you made (sandwhich, Madera), also wat type of tin, i thought of possibly using a loaf tin to get the shape as close as possible. I have only made 2 cakes before so this will be a real challenge.
    Amy x

  20. Hiya I am attempting to make a Tardis cake for my sister and just love this one can i ask what type of cake you made (sandwhich, Madera), also wat type of tin, i thought of possibly using a loaf tin to get the shape as close as possible. I have only made 2 cakes before so this will be a real challenge.
    Amy x


  21. Too bad it wasn’t fish sticks and custard.

  22. […] This TARDIS Cake is lying down – very different from many of geeky Doctor Who cakes on this list.  Kind of looks like they’re all staring at the stars – that guy, that lady, and that phonebooth.  Or watching the clouds – that one looks like a cloud!  And that one looks like a cloud!  Come to think of it… they all look like clouds.  NATURE IS LAME. […]

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