Sorry, I’ve not been in touch!

I have just realised, since I’ve had broadband installed I’ve posted a grand total of one time! Which is strange, as I’ve been online every day, I’ve just not found the topics to talk about. Or, when I have had things to tell you, I’ve just not felt like writing. Not exactly writer’s block, more writer’s apathy. However, I hope that in the next couple of days I will get up to date with everything, and post everything that I’ve wanted to write about for the past days.

First things first, I have a new nephew! He was born early this morning, weighing in at just over eight pounds, but has no name yet (although I wouldn’t post it if I knew!). Mother and baby (and Dad) are doing just fine. I’m looking forward to hearing what his big brother thinks of him! I remember wondering what my older son would make of his baby brother. We were very lucky, he thought the world of his little brother as soon as he saw him, and has (on the whole!) been very protective towards him ever since. However, he always thought of him as his baby, rather than as someone who would take his place in our family. That definitely helped a lot.

Anyway, I’m in the middle of a cardigan for our new addition, so I’ll post pictures as soon as I’ve finished it. I started it before he arrived, in white as we didn’t know whether he would be a nephew or a niece! I’ll decorate it with some blue, rather than leave it plain white. I’ve done the back and the two front pieces, and have made a start on one of the sleeves. I can’t wait for a girl to be born to our family though, as I’ve got loads of girl colours in my wool stash, which just aren’t getting used! However, there is a pattern in the Powell family. The babies born in our family always seem to be born two boys then a girl. We have two boys, now my brother and sister in law have two boys. My husband was the middle of a two boys and a girl set, and my father in law had an older brother and a younger sister. My husband’s uncle had two boys, one of whom is now the father to two boys and a girl. Spooky, huh! Oh, and my husband’s aunt kept the trend going by having two boys. So, in theory, should I have another baby it would be a girl. However, I’m not about to test the theory, I’ll leave it to my brother in law or sister in law to reset the pattern!


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