I’m moving into the 21st Century at last!

Yay! As of tomorrow (if all goes according to plan) I will be catching up with the modern age! Yes, that’s right, tomorrow afternoon, a very nice man (don’t know who he is, but I’m sure he’ll be lovely!) will be coming to install broadband and digital TV in my home! And not only will I have broadband, but it will be wireless! Which means that no longer will I have to sit in the coldest part of my flat whenever I want to surf the net or do my e-mails. And no longer will my husband be a laughing stock among his techy friends at work (he’s a techy-geek for an internet insurance company, so it hasn’t been a source of pride for him that we have been several years behind the times with our home IT capabilities). Also, I won’t ever have to miss another episode of Gavin and Stacey again! My best friend Maria introduced me to the first series by giving the box-set of dvds to my husband for Christmas, and now the second series is well underway and I’ve missed all of the episodes shown so far as this time they’re being screened on digital channel BBC3. Boo.

Anyway, I’ve really got to go and clear the way for the engineer to be able to access both the TV and the cable point on the wall, otherwise he may end up suing me for damages after tripping up on a TARDIS or a Big Rig Blaster! Oh, how fun my life is! Oh to be tidy! Oh (even more fervent wish) to have tidy children!


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