Easter baking – chocolate cupcakes and biscuits

Easter baking - chocolate fudge cupcakes, plain biscuits with jelly beans and chocolate fudge viennese sandwich biscuits

A couple of weeks ago I promised my husband that I would make cake for him ready for Easter Day, so that he could celebrate the end of Lent in style! I’d forgotten all about it until I came home from work on Saturday and he reminded me, so these were my last-minute baking efforts (which went down very well, I might add!)

biscuits decorated with jelly beans

I made the cupcakes first, as I think the desire for chocolate was getting to my husband after six weeks! But then, as I always have lots of icing left after making these cakes, I decided to make some viennese sandwich biscuits as well, so that it wouldn’t be wasted!

Chocolate fudge cupcakes decorated with mini eggs

I added the mini eggs to the chocolate cakes to make them fit in with the Easter season a bit better, and to make sure that he got the full and maximum chocolatey effect!

Viennese sandwich biscuits with the spare chocolate fudge icing

I usually use a piping bag to pipe the biscuit mixture onto baking sheets, but on Saturday I just put teaspoons of the mixture in slightly flattened small heaps, which gave this less symmetrical, ‘rustic’ appearance!

If anyone is interested in getting the recipe for these cakes, let me know and I’ll post it at a later date. It’s a really good recipe, producing cakes with a texture somewhere between sponge and madeira, and has never failed me!


2 Responses

  1. hullo dear, these look really nice. kindly pass on the recipies as promised. thanx for sharing your skill.


  2. Hi I would love to know how to make those chocolate filled biscuits. I would appreciate it if you could pass on the recipe 🙂

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