Some photos for you this Easter weekend!

As it’s a bank holiday weekend and I have my family around me, I’m not sure how much time I’ll have for blogging, so I thought I’d hop on and write a short post for you now. It’s been a strange week. I feel as if I’ve been busy, but can’t remember actually getting very much done! Of course, I’ve done the stuff which needs doing, like school runs (can’t leave the kids in school overnight!) and making meals, but I genuinely can’t remember what I did in between times. Does anyone else have that problem?


This is a picture of one of the flowers grown from bulbs given to me by my mother for Christmas – it has certainly taken its time in blooming! And I can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called – any help, anyone? I’ll ask her when I next see her.


These are roses given to me by my lovely husband – after I enjoyed my Valentine roses so much, on a day when I wasn’t feeling very happy he went and bought me these to cheer me up. In fact, it was on the day when I had my car bumped in the supermarket car park, so it was very good timing on his part! I know that the white rose, at least, is a little past its best in this photo, but I thought it looked pretty nonetheless.


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  1. Amaryllis is the name of the flower that you received from your mother. They are one of my favorites and have started blooming in my garden, too.

    Jan Always Growing

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