Easter bonnets for boys


How do you go about making a ‘butch’ Easter bonnet for boys? Answers on a postcard please, to the usual address…or a comment would be fine! I really should have taken some time to do some internet research, but instead I spent all my time trawling round Cardiff’s shops trying to find anything which would look remotely Easter-y and boy-y! And as you can see, I didn’t have the greatest amount of luck. Clinton Cards were selling yellow straw cowboy hats, so a few feathers and a chick on that and my eldest was happy.


However, I didn’t realise that my younger boy would also need a ‘hat’ until the day before he had to take it to school, so a little more innovation was called for! I made him a crown with yellow card, lined with green tissue paper and decorated with feathers and a chick (as you can see above). And remarkably enough, both children were happy with my efforts!


As a reward then for my hard(ish) work, my elder son brought this home for me – an everlasting bouquet of flowers! Much better than a 99p bunch of carnations from the garage, and not so fattening as an Easter Egg – Mum’s very happy, thank you!

I’ll be back soon with a recipe blogpost, for gnocci with a mediterranean sauce which I made last week and thoroughly enjoyed! Also, it was very easy, inexpensive and quick to make – ticks all the boxes really!

(p.s. Sorry the photos aren’t up to my usual standard – I took them in a bit of a rush yesterday evening so that I’d be able to share them with you before Easter.)

**EDIT** 28/03/10 – I’ve just uploaded a new post about the latest Easter hat we made for my younger son’s Easter parade. Have a look at it here.


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  1. i like the easter hats there very nice oh maby not nice cool yea thats the word anyway there nice as well

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