Just a couple more spring photos for you!


It was such a nice day outside this morning, so I had a quick walk around the garden to see what was ‘new’ since the last time I took my camera outside. Lots of buds and little flowers where there weren’t any last week, reminding me that warmer weather and longer days are (surely!) getting closer.


This is a close up of a couple of buds on our magnolia tree outside our front windows. Unfortunately, the tree took a bit of a battering in the winds and storms of last week, but hopefully these will still come into bloom soon. I love the scent of a magnolia blossom.


Finally, when I saw these daisies with their bright, clean faces peeping out from under the top-heavy stems of the daffodils, I couldn’t resist snapping a quick picture. It’s not my best photo, and I should have spent more time positioning it better, but I just loved the two flowers together so much, I couldn’t leave it out.

I hope that you are lucky enough to see such glorious evidence of the earth waking up after the winter wherever you are. If not, I hope that these photos will bring you a little joy, a ‘virtual garden’, if you like!


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