Why is it that large companies/corporations etc seem to think that ordinary people are of absolutely no significance? As I have mentioned once or twice, I’m involved in organising a charitable event later in the year. You would have thought that in a city the size of Cardiff, finding a venue for such an event would be relatively easy. I know we as a committee did, back in October of last year. However, we were wrong. Due to petty bureaucracy and small office politics, a decision which should have been made well before the new year is still outstanding, which leaves us high and dry. Until we have a date and a venue, we can’t recruit people to take part in the event, we can’t arrange any of the logistical side of it, we can’t begin to fundraise, we can’t arrange for people to come and host activities on the day. In conclusion, there is very little that we can do.

It is all so unbelievably frustrating.

I’m usually a reasonably peaceful sort of a person, but this sort of thing really makes me want to buy a baseball bat, then rampage through the streets of Cardiff, looking for the unthinking people who are responsible for my feelings of frustration to forcibly point out in exactly how many ways they are making my life more stressful! I just wish that a decision could be made, so that we could know one way or the other. I need to be doing things, rather than just sitting around waiting. It will be so great when we can finally have committee meetings where we talk about the progress we’ve made, rather than reiterating the same information over and again – ‘still no news on the venue’. I really don’t think we can be doing any more than we already are – our chairman is chasing the venues at least weekly for the latest updates, and other than doorstepping them with a baseball bat, what more can you do?


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