Aberystwyth Uni Relay For Life 2008

I’ve just arrived home from Aberystwyth, where I visited the Relay For Life which happened this weekend. As I have mentioned before, I’m on the committee for the Cardiff Relay For Life, and I thought it would be a good idea to see a Relay event in action before ours kicks off. But bless them, they had some really bad luck. The main bit of bad luck was the high winds which were gusting around all Saturday, which resulted in the Cancer Research UK marquee being uprooted and flung across a very large hockey pitch! Luckily enough, no-one was hurt, although the marquee was definitely a write off.

I visited a few times through the twenty four hours, and something that struck me was how up-beat everyone was despite the cold and wind (and rain in the middle of the night, apparently, although I missed that, being tucked up in my nice warm bed at the time!), especially at 11am this morning when I arrived in time to see the award presentations and the closing ceremony.

I’m really glad I managed to go; it was lovely to put faces to all the names I’ve been hearing, and it was very useful to get that experience of being at a Relay before our planning really gets underway.


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