What is it about lists, and more specifically about crossing things off lists, which is so very satisfying? As I have mentioned before on this blog, I have a lot to do in my house to prepare it for sale next year, and last year I was really getting nowhere. This year I really feel like I’m making progress, and I’m sure that key to that is the fact that I make lists. I have a little yellow notepad which I take nearly everywhere, and at the start of each day I make a list of jobs for that day. Then I start crossing off. I’m more than half way through today’s list, which is hugely pleasing to me, and I’m forgetting less things which need doing.

This morning I made three big pots of food, which should supply my family with at least five meals. I plan to freeze most of it, keeping out cottage pie for tonight and maybe some of the pork casserole for tomorrow. Then I have more of the meat sauce for cottage pie to go in the freezer, as well as a chicken jalfrezi, which will be joining a chilli and a Thai red chicken curry which I made last Friday. As I have so much decorating to do, having these meals ready made will save me so much time and will allow me to carry on with my housework right up to the last moment before tea.

I think I may be becoming organised – does this mean that I’m growing up?


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