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I’m always interested to look at the statistics generated by this blog, to see what it is that people look at when they come to this site. Overwhelmingly, it seems that people find my site after searching for information about cakes, and birthday cakes in particular. Another popular search which ends with people coming here is a search for things mediaeval. Now, I was pleased with how my cakes turned out, and so I then photographed them and put them up here, but that was almost a year ago now, and surely there are better places to look? Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted that all of you visit me here, but it’s a poor lookout for the internet if I’m high up on the list of places to get information about cakes and mediaeval trivia! Out of interest, I’ve tried to search for myself on Google using similar search terms as others have used, and I never get my site listed. How long does it take to get to me? I can’t imagine that I’m on the first few pages. I’d be thrilled if someone would let me know!


2 Responses

  1. it’s true .. the search terms are really important it’s some times takes you somewhere you want and some other times you find yourself lost in your browser 🙂

  2. I got to your blog while I was browsing tags! lol. I wonder how many are like me…

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