I wish I could work computers better!

I’m struggling. I’m helping to run an event for Cancer Research UK called Relay For Life and we’re trying to set up a website. I set up a blog for it, but we decided that it would be better if we bought a domain name and hosted the blog there. That way we could also have e-mail through that rather than yahoo or hotmail. However, I’m really struggling to work out how to configure it. It’s just not getting through to whichever part of my brain is supposed to take it in. I’ve set up e-mail addresses via the host site for all the committee members, but I can’t really do very much until the registration is activated, which will apparently take a few days. I want to get the blog over there now! I hate having to wait for things! Patience, as you may have guessed, is not my strongest point.

There are six of us on the committee of Cancer Research UK Relay For Life in Cardiff. It’s a new event for the city, and will be very exciting to be a part of. At the moment, we are still waiting to hear from our main venue choice which is a little frustrating as there is practically nothing to be done until we have confirmed the venue and date. As you can imagine, without a date and place for the event, we can’t recruit teams to take part, we can’t invite cancer specialists and celebrities to attend, we can’t order logistical things like marquees, sound and lighting and other facilities, and the list goes on and on. There will be such a rush of activity once we can actually start!

This is no good for my (lack of) patience. I feel so frustrated that I can’t do anything!


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