Moving house

I’ve not moved house for seven years. When I last moved I (only just) didn’t have any children to worry about, no toys etc to pack, no little people untidying everything five minutes before a viewing with potential buyers. In fact we didn’t have to worry about viewings as we were renting our last flat and I think only one person came to see it before we left. So the thought of moving house now fills me with trepidation. A large part of that is the idea of keeping a two bedroom flat tidy for an extended length of time. There are four of us in our flat, and not one of us is what you could describe as a tidy person. Also, I worry about the responsibility of choosing the next house. I know that it is not solely my decision, that my husband will choose with me and I’m sure our parents and friends will offer advice. At the end of the day, however, it is a large financial commitment, and I worry in case I miss something obviously wrong with the house, the area, etc. Then there’s everything that has to be done, both in the flat and paperwork. We would obviously instruct solicitors to cover most of the necessary work, but we still have to do a fair bit and I’m convinced that I’ll forget something crucial like insurance for the move and the crossover into the new house.

I’m a worrier.

I worry endlessly. Except when I’m asleep, although it is not uncommon for me to have dreams in which I worry. And, in common with all serial worriers (it’s not that bad that I can’t realise there are many more like me out there!) I worry out of all proportion and way before it is necessary to get worked up about anything. For instance, I’m starting to worry that we’ll put the flat on the market and no-one will view it. Is it because we will be putting it on the market for too high a price? We haven’t even had it valued yet and I’m worrying about that! Bless me.

My Dad has advised me to make a list of everything that needs to be done before we put it on the market. He’s a great believer in lists. As am I in normal circumstances, but I’m fairly sure that, if I were to make a list of everything that needs doing right now, I’d probably crawl under my duvet gibbering wildly and become prone to frequent panic attacks. So, I’ve decided to make sure that I do something to improve the flat every day for a month, then, at about Easter, I’ll make a list. By then hopefully some of the decorating at least will have been done, even if I haven’t managed to clear out cupboards etc, and so I’ll at least be able to see that progress has been made. A plan! Hooray!


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