I used to read a lot of blogs, with great enjoyment, but recently I’ve had trouble finding as many that I enjoy as I used to. There used to be a good few that I enjoyed due to their simplicity, sincerity and the fact that they were evidently written just because their owners loved to write. However, recently I’ve noticed that quite a few bloggers are going down the commercial route of trying to make their blogs pay, and I find that I don’t enjoy them anywhere near as much anymore. However, I can see that maybe some of these people need to raise the extra cash, and I don’t begrudge them trying this option. It just seems that, in some cases, the blogs lose their spontaneity and some of their attraction as their owners are viewing them more as magazines than journals. Magazines, though, generally have large staffs spending all their time making sure that enough interesting and readable content goes into each issue. I feel that a lot of the time, if bloggers feel obliged to post to ‘satisfy their public’ they end up becoming unintersting and dry – the reader can tell that blogging has become just another chore to be done before cooking the dinner and settling down for the evening.

I used to really enjoy reading my friend Jo’s blog which she has now shut down. She would write about political issues which interested her, as well as about more personal thoughts and it worked well for her. She had a large readership, wrote most days and managed very well to keep the momentum going. Since moving to a farm she has mentioned beginning another blog about her new life there, but unless she has kept it secret, that hasn’t yet come to pass. I live in hope that she’ll find the time to start one soon though! Another blog which I’m drawn to is run by a couple in America called Chris and Jenni. I came across it about a year ago, and I really can’t remember how I found it. In it, they blog about their family life in a very open and honest way, sharing all their ups and downs, as well as all the things that they have learned about family life and living a good Christian life along the way. I love the way that Jenni writes as if she were writing to close friends. It’s very inclusive, and draws me back time and again to find out what is new in the Burns’ household. I’ve no idea what her readership level is like, although looking at her blogroll I imagine that a lot of people take the time to read her blog regularly. I like the way in which she is developing her website as well, with her joy of homemaking pages.

Anyway, in conclusion, I’m on the lookout for new blogs to read which will give me insights into other people’s lives. I don’t get many comments on my blog, but if I do I always have a look at the commentor’s website if they have one (I’ve just remembered – this was how I discovered Chris and Jenni after Chris commented on something I wrote!) to see what we have in common, and try to figure out what brought them here.


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