Lent Progress

I thought I’d write a little about how Lent is going for me. It’s day three, and so far it’s not bad. I decided in the end to give up chocolate, sweets, cake and biscuits for the duration, which has been quite hard for the first couple of days, but I’ve stuck to it so far. It will get really difficult in a couple of weeks when I need to start making birthday cakes!

Another thing I wanted to tell you was that I went away and looked into how the date is set for Easter each year. It can fall on any date between March 22nd and April 25th, dependent on mathematics around the lunar cycle. I was fully committed to reading the whole article, and did, although I only understood what I was reading until I reached the long section of algorithms! Now, I’m not unintelligent, but algorithms are beyond me! However, the history part was interesting to read, and I discovered that there has been considerable discussion about the idea of reforming the process of deciding the date of Easter, mainly suggesting that it should be set sometime around the second Sunday in April. It really doesn’t bother me when Easter is, and I’m quite happy for it to be so early this year. This means that my children have a short term in school. This is good as I think the Spring term is the worst of the three, with the worst weather, not so much to look forward to at the end (unlike the other terms with Christmas and the long summer holiday at the ends) and the illness which always seems to go round at this time of year.

 Anyway, it’s half term next week, so I’m praying for good weather so that we’re not all stuck inside all week. However, if it rains I daresay I’ll think of things to keep them happy (and quiet!). Updates on my state of mind later on!


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