Super Tuesday

The West Wing has done wonders for my knowledge of the American political structure and presidential election procedure, but I wish I had the time to find out more. I understand how the primaries and caucuses work (just about!) but what I mean is that I wish I had time to find out more about the candidates. I know nothing about the Republicans, other than name recognition in a couple of cases, and the little I know about the Democratic candidates is confined to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and could be written on the back of a business card. On the face of it, though, I would have thought that Hillary Clinton would offer the Democrats their best chance of winning back the White House. My understanding of the situation was that Democrats usually win the vote of the majority of the black population, which I guess is why Obama isn’t pushing his heritage much in any of the publications I read. And so I would have thought that a convincing female nominee would offer a good shot at getting some of the middle-of-the-road female swing votes, of whom there must be many. Also, I would have thought that Clinton could inspire a much higher than average female turn out on polling day of registered Democrats – maybe I’m wrong. I’m just surprised that it seems to be such a close race at the moment – the way it was described over here in Britain was that Hillary had it all sewn up, and that all the other democratic candidates were there to pad out the debates. However, let’s wait and see what Wednesday morning brings. I shall be thinking of all those voters turning out across America on Tuesday while I’m flipping pancakes, and then I’ll be finding out the results on Wednesday morning just as the first cravings for all the treats I’m giving up for Lent are kicking in!


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