National Assembly farce

Ten years ago I voted in favour of having an elected assembly for Wales, thinking that this would improve the representation of this small Principality in Britain as a whole. I thought that it would highlight issues in a way that a dozen MPs in a large British Parliament would find it hard to do. And I think that it hasn’t done badly with it’s limited powers during its first eight years. However, now it seems like it’s turning into some sort of national parish council; something which will only be mocked by the rest of the UK and create an impression of people from Wales that we are poor losers and throw the toys out of the pram as soon as something happens that we don’t like. I refer of course to this so-called “rainbow alliance” nonsense which the petulant AMs from the Plaid, Lib Dem and Tory parties are trying to set up to dismiss Labour from its place in the administration. I voted Liberal Democrat in this last election, but I’m regretting it bitterly now and am quite sure that they’ll not receive another vote from me unless they can get their act together and behave like an independent party rather than petty power-grabbers willing to ally themselves with parties whose views are poles away from their own. How much does this alliance think that it will achieve? Surely the Tories will agree with Plaid about very little? I wouldn’t have thought that they’d achieve much in tandem with the Lib Dems either, except for that party’s apparent willingness to prostitute itself and its values for a seat in power. Basically, it has been so long since any of these parties had any influence in the larger political sphere that they are willing to try anything to claw back power. I really feel that the parties of the “Alliance” need to be very careful, as surely a lot of wavering voters, and voters who strongly dislike their tactics (like myself) will now be very tempted to give their votes to the Labour party. After all, they only need to gain five seats to have a full majority. Perhaps we should have another election next month. Get rid of these petulant little parties for a full term and get things done in this country without their whining voices giving people indigestion.


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