Carpe Diem

This is my latest decision with regard to the national weather reports and what to think of them. At one point or another storms have been forecast every day for the past four days, and as yet I’ve not seen any hint of approaching showers, let alone thunder and lightning. Therefore, I’m just going to take each day as it comes and ‘seize the day’ i.e. get on with all my outside tasks so that I can get everything done before we do eventually get some rain. April showers didn’t quite materialise for us here, so I’m hoping now that the weather gets the rain out of the way before we go away in a few weeks. Wouldn’t that just be typical; fine weather for two months and then when we have a caravan break we’re stuck inside for the whole time looking out at torrential downpours. Anyway, enough of the misery!

Just under nine weeks until my friend Owen marries Leanne, and I’m geting so excited! I really hope that other old friends will be able to go, as it would be so great to catch up. Very soon the wedding list will open, and I’ll be able to choose their gift. I really wish that we had got round to organising a wedding list when we got married. At the time, we didn’t see the point as we already had all our household items. Now, I can see that it would have been nice to have asked for things like a nice set of cutlery, or table linen or similar to use on special occasions. Oh well, only twenty years until our silver wedding anniversary! Perhaps we could renew our vows then and get some new knives and forks!

I thought I had a digital picture of the church where we got married, but can’t see any in my photo files so I’ll go and take a nice one before the sunshine breaks and I’ll post it next time I’m online – it’s such a lovely church and provided the prettiest backdrop to our wedding photos. Anyway, I’m off to seize the day and feed my friend’s dog!


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