Catrin Finch

On Wednesday evening my husband and I had a rare night out together to go to a recital by Catrin Finch, fast becoming the most famous harpist of her generation. Actually, I couldn’t name that many harpists, so for all I know she could be already there! Although I’m biased (she went to the same school as me) a lot of people whole-heartedly agree with me about her talent.

The concert was fantastic. It featured a jazzier programme than you might expect from a harpist, but I think that this regeneration of the harp’s image is a large part of what she is hoping to achieve with her career. I love Jazz and swing music, so the concert was right up my street. She had a couple of co-performers with her, including a fantastic clarinettist called Rhys Taylor whose performance I also thoroughly enjoyed. All in all I had a really good evening, and it has even inspired me to dig out my old trumpet once more and search for some new music on the internet!

I don’t expect that anyone I went to school with would stumble across my blog accidentally, especially as I was known to schoolfriends by my maiden name of Jennie Williams and so therefore my name now would only be known by a couple of them. However, I’m going to set up another page on the website so that if anyone who went to Aberaeron Comprehensive School (or Ysgol Gyfun Aberaeron) at roughly the same time as me does stop by, they can leave me (polite!) messages. I’m not expecting any responses, as my blog doesn’t generate the volume of traffic needed, but I might just get lucky!

p.s. You can find out more about Catrin Finch by visiting her website at There’s also lots of news stories on the BBC website, and at I really would recommend a visit to one of her concerts if you get the chance. She also has cds for sale, one of which I own, although I’m hoping that someone will take the hint and get me the one with her big band, CF47, for my birthday!


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