Disturbing viewing…

On Sunday night I watched a programme on Channel 4 about two journalists trying to get down to a UK size 2. It was quite terrifying to watch the lengths to which they had to go to achieve this, and in fact one of the journalists was stopped a week before the end of the experiment as it appeared that she was developing an eating disorder. The other journalist however managed to fit into a pair of size 2 jeans, which is apparently the size of the average six year old girl. I really was disturbed while watching this, especially as, although the “successful” journalist appeared to be displeased with the experiment while it was in progress, at the end she seemed quite happy to me to be fitting into these ridiculously tiny jeans.

Now I’ve been on diets on and off since the birth of my second child, seom with better results than others, and I can genuinely say that I’d never want to get down to a size 2. However, while I think I can claim to be quite a sensible young lady, I have to admit that some of the extreme diets which the two journalists followed did appeal to some less sensible part of my brain. Now if I can be tempted, however marginally, after watching this programme, I’m damn sure that other people will be too. And that’s the worrying thing. I haven’t been able to get the programme out of my mind since watching it. I felt guilty each time that I ate anything yesterday – how daft is that? It’s almost like an eating disorder by association! Anyway, don’t worry as I’ll be sticking to my healthy eating and regular exercise routine. I’m far too lazy and not disciplined enough to do any of these extreme diets anyway, although I can really see why people would do them.


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  1. That is really scary and sad – it’s a shame peole can’t focus on health instead of dieting. Size shouldn’t be the primary goal – especially these silly ideas of grown women fitting in to tiny clothing. Health and happiness, Lady Rose

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