Today my lovely plumber came and fitted my new shower and toilet cistern. Not very exciting, I expect you’re thinking, but it is for me! Do you know the feeling that you get when you have a project to finish but something gets in the way? And then you feel like you can’t do any other projects because that one has been left unfinished? Well, that project is my bathroom. A good while ago I started tiling the walls to a height of about four feet all around the bathroom, except for behind the shower where the tiles will go to the ceiling. That was fine except I was waiting for the shower and cistern to be replaced before finishing. And I needed in my mind to complete the bathroom before I really get stuck into revamping my bedroom, which needs to be done before I’ll feel likeĀ starting the jobs which need doing in the kitchen. So, although it doesn’t sound very exciting, the installation of my new shower and toilet cistern allow me to finish the bathroom off and move on to the next thing. It’s closure, if you like!

In addition to this, my plumber, Eddie, is a lovely man, who seems never too busy to stop and have a chat; he even took a few minutes out to read a book to my younger son. It’s great for me that I felt so comfortable with him in the house, as I can imagine that quite a lot of men would probably make me feel very insecure and ill at ease, being in my house while there is nobody there but for me and my boys. But as I’ve said, he felt like a family friend as soon as he came in the house, which was great.

So, next job to do when I have a free afternoon is to once more attack the tiling! It’s only the bit behind the toilet and the shower wall that I have left. Unfortunately these are the areas requiring most shaping of the tiles, so it could be a tricky afternoon. However, I’m up for a challenge! Once that is done, it will be time for me to attach my mosaic tiles to the top of my basin cupboard. Such fun!


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