Blink and you’d miss it


We had snow. For once the forecasters were right, and the snow came, on schedule, and about the foreseen amount. And everyone was fine with that.


But then it snowed for a second day and chaos was let loose among us here in South Wales. To listen to the news reports you really would have thought that the next ice age had landed without warning.


However, my five year old had a day off school, and so together with me and his brother, snowfights were fought and a (small yet valiant) snowman was built.


He borrowed a hat and scarf from my younger son for the photo opportunity, and unfortunately we couldn’t find any ‘arms’ other than the very spindly twigs which you can just make out in the picture. However, fun was had, and a type of almost sadistic after-fun was enjoyed by my boys, seeing how long it took Mr Frosty to melt!

The weather has now returned to the much more familiar almost-constant-drizzle of rain which we are more used to in our Welsh winters. Oh well, if that was this winter’s snow, then we’ve had it!


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