Well, it’s quite chilly here in my little flat. I’m dreading the arrival of my electricity bill next month as I’ve had to use the electric heater much more recently. However, we are promised snow tonight, which I’d love to see! I can still vividly remember the big snow when I was about six or seven. We lived in London at the time, and I remember spending most of a morning making paths through the garden for my mother. She thought that I was going to use a spade and dig paths, but I had the bright idea of pulling my sledge up and down, and then just heaping the snow off the back of the sledge away from my lovely tidy paths! She was very impressed. I was always a bright child!

Anyway, the weather forecasters are getting very excited by the prospect of a couple of inches of snow that will probably have disappeared by the evening – I wonder what would happen if the Norwegians got into this much of a tizzy at the start of the snowy season!

If we get snow enough to take photos of, I will post pictures of a snowy Cardiff here for you. I’ll even get up early tomorrow to make sure that I don’t miss it!


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