This website was made for me!

I’ve just come across this amazing website (based in America) which sounds like it was written by someone who knows me very well! As all of my friends and family can attest, I am not at all a tidy person. On the very first page of the Flylady website, it tells me that it was created for people who suffer from CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome). This is so about me! I need at least a couple of hours notice before I have any visitors, during which time all of my surplus possessions get stashed in one or other of the bedrooms and the doors wedged shut. Then the bathroom is cleaned and the kitchen placed out of bounds! So effectively, while my hall, lounge and bathroom are more or less presentable, the rest of my house looks like someone has taken the roof off and stirred everything up with a big stick!

Anyway, a secret, probably over-optimistic resolution of mine for this year was that I would become tidier, and would need no notice at all before people came to visit me. When I first started seeing my husband, I used to really love how he and his sister could take friends home without any notice and my mother-in-law was ready and willing to make them feel at home, even feeding a few extra people at the drop of a hat if necessary. I remember thinking at the time that I’d love to have a home like that if I ever had children of my own, where their friends would feel comfortable visiting at any time. And now I have children (admittedly a little young to be bringing many friends home yet) and a shamefully untidy home! So, I’m following Flylady’s advice, and looking forward to more visitors this year! I’ve already made a good start and have a very nearly gleaming kitchen (although that was helped enormously, if I’m honest, by the large jug of boiling water that I spilt on the floor this morning, completely unintentionally!). Another idea I’ve had is to invite a friend for a meal at least once a week, which will encourage me to keep on top of my new tidy ways.

Keep coming back for updates!


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