2007 already?

Happy New Year to you all. I can’t believe that the time has passed so quickly and that we’re at the start of another year. This is a sure sign that I’m getting older! it really doesn’t seem long since I was discussing with friends what to do for Millennium Eve, and look at me now – a degree, a husband and two kids have happened since then!

So, anyone with any resolutions this year? I wasn’t intending to actually articulate any resolutions as such, but just try to get more done this year. However, some resolutiony thoughts have been entering my head despite my efforts to ignore them, and so, so far, I have the following aims for the coming months:

  1. Finish the decorating etc in the flat that I started about five years ago
  2. Lose a stone in weight
  3. Edit my NaNoWriMo book and send it off to Lulu to get a hard copy, then start the research for the next one (I want it to be a readable book this time!)
  4. Finish all the crafty WIPs (Works In Progress) which are lying about the place, and make more things as gifts for people outside of my immediate family

An example of this last resolution is to knit some squares for Firefly’s ProjectĀ Gracious Parcels. This is a project co-ordinated by a lady in America whose blog I discovered a couple of months ago entirely by accident. However, I enjoyed reading it and so have come to read it regularly and look forward to each new instalment from her. She set up this project before Christmas, but I’ve had no time until now to even think about contributing towards it. In a nutshell, she is collecting 7 inch squares knitted in Aran wool or wool blends to make blankets for people who don’t have very much. I’m sure I’ve got a couple of balls of Aran weight wool among my collection, and so I’m going to give it a go. It might be a struggle getting the squares to be exactly seven inches square, but I’m sure I’ll get there if I try!

Anyway, I’d like to send you all my best wishes for health, wealth and a great deal of happiness in the coming year, as well as lots of bear hugs (available in person if we manage to meet up this year!)


3 Responses

  1. Hello there, thanks so much for mentioning my project. One thing I have found out from sewing together the Gracious Parcels squares I have received so far is that it is okay if they are not all exactly 7″. I ease the lengths together as I sew them by hand, and it hasn’t caused any problem. So, shoot for roughly 7″ square, but don’t worry if you are off a bit. It will all work out just fine!

    Warmest wishes,

  2. Writing a novel might be on my list for 2008

  3. […] saxophone for February. Anyway, any suggestions for me? I could always tie this in with my resolutionsĀ and […]

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