I have been pressing on with my NaNovel since last Wednesday (I had two days holiday after I reached fifty thousand words last Sunday) and now I’m squeezing in a two minute break to write today’s blog entry.

Despite the home made gloves, my poor fingers have been suffering whilst I’ve been typing due to the lack of central heating in the flat. So, towards the end of last week I dug out a little heater which we use to defrost the kids’ bedroom in the height of winter and have had it plugged in next to me as I sit here at my computer. With its help I think that I’m just about avoiding frostbite. In fact, I’m almost feeling comfortable at my desk for the first time in several weeks!

The book is going well still, although I have to admit that the original novelty wore off at about the same point that I passed the fifty thousand word mark. It is proving more of a struggle now to a) chain myself to the keyboard for extended lengths of time and b) focus on the story. My latest distraction is the growing urge to print out the 109 A4 pages which I have so far written. However, I know that it wouldn’t stop there. I would then have to hole punch the pages, find a nice file in which to store the book, make an interesting cover etc etc. After this I would be almost forced to read it, which could have one of two disastrous consequences. Either I would start editing and have no time thereafter to actually write any more of the book, or reading it would have the unhappy result of showing me what a large amount of nauseating bilge I have spent the last two and a half weeks churning out, which would almost certainly stop me writing for good. Therefore, the urge to commit the book to paper and ink at this point MUST BE FOUGHT! However, I have e-mailed what I’ve written so far to my web-based e-mail address – a useful back-up tip passed to me by Owen. This will bring the number of back ups of my novel to five! Not that I’m paranoid or overprotective of my NaNovel in any way!


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