I’m there!

I’ve finished! I have a brand new ‘winner’ icon on the side of the page, over there (pointing right) which means that all the touching wood and avoiding ladders and black cats for the last couple of weeks has worked, and I am now (almost) officially a NaNoWriMo winner! I’ve just got to keep the book safe until the 26th, when I can upload it and get it verified!

However, I’m only just over half way through the plot of the book, so it looks like there may be a few more words to churn out this month before my story is fully told!

Jo has said some very nice things about me over on her blog recently. I think though, that she needs to remember that I have one major advantage over her (and not that I am a stay at home mum and can therefore divert more of my time into writing). I really believe that, because I have never before done anything like this, and because I haven’t really ever had any ambition to write, that I probably have far fewer inhibitions when writing. I think that, if the quality of the work mattered to me a bit more, I would have been so much more careful and would have spent far more time choosing my words and phrases. Instead of which, I embraced the NaNo philosophy of ‘Quantity, not Quality’ wholeheartedly!

See you at 80,000 words!


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