The end is nigh!

…but not in an apocalyptic way! I am at 48537 words, and therefore have only 1463 words left to compose in my NaNovel before I reach my 50000 words target! Woohoo! When I got off to such an unexpectedly strong start, people joked that I would finish by the end of this week, but I don’t for a minute expect that they meant it!

I can see the finishing posts, taste the first vestiges of the dizzying champagne-like air which awaits me after 50000 words, feel the sunny glow of success beginning to warm my skin, hear the not-so-distant cries of ‘bravo!’ and ‘encore!’ which await me from the crowds that have gathered to witness my triumphant romp home…

…The darned computer will probably break down irretrievably in ten minutes and, being too poor to replace it, I will be unable to complete the novel and be forced to cry.

 I’ll update you in 1463 words!

(p.s. I’m extremely superstitious as you may have gathered from previous posts, and so whenever I feel confident about anything, I have an immediate urge to apologise for that and point out that the worst will probably happen anyway. I offer my humble apologies for any confusion this may offer to my readers!)


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