Day one trauma – not a good omen!

It has officially begun then. The first day is over, hopefully everyone who is writing has penned that elusive first sentence and the games can now begin.

I was so optimistic by lunchtime yesterday. I’d already written three thousand words and was really looking forward to my hour in the evening before my boys went to bed when I could write a bit more. I spent that hour typing in a frenzy and then disaster struck. At eight o’clock I saved what I had written (as I had been doing every five minutes all day – I’ve been lectured on backing up work before!) and suddenly the screen on my laptop froze. As I was saving my work on a floppy disk to facilitate the transfer from laptop to desktop I went to look at the A:/ drive, and the file wasn’t there. I assumed that this was because I was actually using the file (some sort of widget to stop me opening the same file twice) and so closed down the word processing software I was using. Well, that was the last I saw of the couple of thousand words I must have written in that hour. I tried everything to find the file, to no avail. Then hubby tried everything he could think of. It’s a complete mystery. It just disappeared without a trace.

Anyway, I’m very lucky that I have such a kind and understanding hubby. It was the tenth anniversary of our first date last night, and we had planned just to have a nice indian meal together once the boys had gone to bed. Well, he fetched the meal at eight o’clock, then spent half an hour trying to recover my lost file, then went and had his food while I started retyping the large portion of text which had been lost. I finished in time to watch ‘Torchwood’ at half past nine, ate my dinner in front of that then returned to the computer for another hour before I went to bed. I really don’t want to have to do that again! Anyway, my final word count for yesterday was 7343 words, which I’m very pleased with, given the trauma in the evening! I’m aiming to really blast the word count by tomorrow afternoon as I’ve got a fairly busy weekend planned and I don’t think I’ll have much chance to write as much as I’d like. So I need a good buffer so that I don’t feel discouraged when I start again on Monday.


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  1. […] I’m only two days into NaNo and I think it’s fair to say that I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed. Not by the mammoth task ahead but by rather the fact that in addition to working full time and writing the bloody thing I’ve also got to find the time to a) spend time with Antonia (I don’t think she’s quite as patient as Jennie’s hubby), b) update my own blog, c) read other people’s blogs, and d) sleep, eat, wash etc. A and D are obviously important so B and C may well get neglected for the next 29 days or so. […]

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