And so it begins!

The first day of NaNo. Did I stay awake and write through half the night? No. I couldn’t keep my eyes open past about 11pm, and so went to bed. Did I get up ridiculously early and type for three hours before anyone else got up? No. As usual, I had to be dragged from my coma-like sleeping state by a very awake husband and two kids at something-after-seven, and then decided that it was far too warm and cosy to get out of bed and actually do anything. Even so, for me I made quite an early start. I sat down with my cereal to try to start the novel. I was very lucky in that a half-decent first line came into my head about a week ago. I’ve been going around chanting this like a mantra so that I wouldn’t forget it (not allowed to commit anything to paper before NaNo started, but can’t see why I couldn’t just memorise the thing! Only joking – I only had the first sentence in my head, but that seemed to lead to another, and to another until…3732 words, baby!! I’ve finished my first chapter, and will now spend the afternoon happily potching with my boys making playdoh, then making things out of said playdoh. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to write a bit more later on, as this weekend seems set to ruin my word count (out on Friday night then visiting family on Saturday and maybe Sunday), so I’m going to aim to get to 5000 by the time I go to bed. Not sure if I’ll have the opportunity, but it seems like a good idea to set myself that goal. And that’s only another 1268 words, which hopefully shouldn’t take too long.Β 

Any NaNoers who have a look at this blog, please say hi. I think we need to stick together at this time, and provide mutual support and virtual chocolate cake (does anyone know where I can get virtual chocolate cake, BTW?).


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  1. I want to hit 1667 by the time I go to sleep but am now feeling very jealous of your word count…

    Hmm, can’t decide if some competition would be a good motivating factor or just depressing.

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