Half term activities!

Yesterday I went to Hobbycraft (one of my favourite shops which don’t sell chocolate!) to stock up on all the craft items I will need to entertain my son through half term. I’m determined that it will not pass in a whirlwind of dvds as so many other holidays have, so we are DOING THINGS! Part of the itinerary involves making Halloween biscuits and decorations tommorrow, then I think there may be playdoh fun on Wednesday. Woohoo!

Anyway, I bought some wool in Hobbycraft (Rowan Cashsoft and Sirdar Snuggly) with which I have made a start on some more Christmas presents (photos in the New Year). I also found star shaped cookie cutters in different sizes with which I plan to create a Christmas tree made out of gingerbread cookies. I found the recipe in a Jane Asher book I bought a little while ago, and it looks so effective. I thought I’d make it and take it to my best friend Maria’s house on Christmas Eve. We go there every year – have done since my eldest was born – and they make us feel so welcome. I like to take something with me to say thank you for inviting us, and edibles always go down well!

We plan on making some Christmas tree decorations out of our playdoh later in the week, and then attach them to cards for my son’s school friends. Hopefully this particular idea can be spread over a few days – first we’ll make the decorations and bake them. Another day we can paint them, then another day make and decorate the cards. Genius planning to keep him occupied on rainy November Sunday afternoons!


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