New stuff

I’ve spent a fair bit of time twiddling with this website since I acquired it all of three weeks ago (addictive, isn’t it?) and I’ve now decided to add a couple of pages to the site.

Albeit in fits and starts, I do a fair amount of craft activities. It’s mainly knitting, crocheting etc, but I have tried other things. While I was in school I did quite a bit of glass engraving and more recently I made a patchwork cushion cover for one of my best friends on her way to university. What made that unique was that I worked to my own pattern, and used pictures of parts of Cardiff with special significance to her to decorate it. I forgot to take a picture of it, and so I’ll have to ask her to send me a picture when I next talk to her. If she does, I’ll upload that here too.

I really derive so much pleasure from making things for other people. The majority of people I know are so pleased to receive something home-made, and really appreciate the effort that has gone into it. The main items that come into this category are of the edible sort – there’s always a large group of people ready and willing to assist me in the disposal of my cookies, biscuits and cakes!

For Christmas this year, I plan to make a fair proportion of my presents for people, as well as helping my two sons to make gifts as well. I’ve already completed a few items, although of course I won’t elaborate on them until the new year, in case the recipients read my blog, and then will have no surprise under the tree on Christmas day!

My latest creations though, are a pair of fingerless gloves (or “knucks”), the pattern for which I found on the internet. My hands get so cold when I’m typing, or unsing a mouse, and so I thought it might be a good idea to try them out. So far so good, although my knucks remain undecorated! Feel free to leave (clean) suggestions for their decoration via the comments box (e.g. blog this, type fast, work play – as in things people could tattoo on their knuckles – geddit?).


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