Blogroll Etiquette

I’m really going to have to look into the do’s and don’ts of blogging. My latest dilemma involves my blogroll. Is it polite and acceptable to add someone to your blogroll without any consultation? Or is it more common to check that you meet with their approval before you go on and link to their site? I’m slowly finding a couple of blogs which I enjoy reading, and if only to spare Jo from being the only person I quote on my blog, it could be quite nice to add some more people to my blogroll.

Oh the trauma!


5 Responses

  1. I am not sure what the normal etiquette is, but I usually add people whose blog I enjoy reading without checking first … I think most people appreciate having someone link to their site.

    Thanks by the way, for stopping by my blog yesterday. Nice to have you!


  2. Thank you for offering your point of view – I’m so glad you came and commented – especially as your blog was one of those I planned to add to my blogroll!

    Right, unless anyone comes to advise me otherwise, I will now commence in adding people to my blogroll as and when I want!

  3. I enjoy reading yours,.I’m new on may I add you on my blogroll?

  4. Of course you may – I look forward to returning the visit to your site!

  5. I am with Firefly in that I add people’s blogs to my roll because I honestly think that they would take it as a compliment that I want to check theirs for daily updates and would like my readers to do the same. So on that premise I went ahead and added yours to mine and I hope that it was okay as I do like your writing? I see that you did the same so thank you for that. Recently and you can see it on the rightside of my blog, I actually did a whole post on blogging that you might enjoy…

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