Diets past, present and future

I was over reading Jo’s blog today, as I do quite frequently these days, and I noticed a post she’d done about her diet, which seems to be going incredibly well. I have to say that I’m more than a little envious at how easy she seems to be finding this whole losing weight thing! She started in, I think, June, and is half a pound away from losing two stone already. This, to me, is an amazing achievement. I started a diet with my friend Hannah in January, and it took me until August (when the instructor left Cardiff) to lose two stone. Then, daft tart that I am, I had “a couple of weeks off” from the diet, which has turned into two months, and now I reckon I’ve probably put on the better part of half a stone (too chicken to weigh myself!) which means that I’ve got at least three or four weeks before I get back down to my August weight and then start making any real progress. But why do I do it to myself? I really do want to lose the weight, but have real problems with motivation, especially with keeping the motivation going after the first few weeks.

If I don’t pull myself together quite quickly and get back on the diet, then in January I’ll be back to the beginning again with the four stone to lose rather than the two (and a bit now) which I need to get rid of now. So any tips (or an offer from someone to come and beat me over the head now and again) would be gratefully received!

I really am impressed at how well Jo is doing. I remember that character trait from school though – if something interests her, she’ll go all out and be bloody brilliant at it, which also seems to show up in other aspects of her life. You go girl! Set me an example to follow!


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  1. I remember that character trait from school though – if something interests her, she’ll go all out and be bloody brilliant at it

    I’m trying to come up with an example of this and am drawing a blank!!

  2. Well, maybe not so much school, as there wasn’t so much to get enthusiastic about! You threw yourself into English though, and did pretty well. I suppose it is more since leaving school that this side of you has exposed itself. Just take a compliment woman! Or I might stop giving them – I’m sure I could think of plenty of bad things to write about you!

  3. Noooooooo! You know far too much, hush now 🙂

  4. Hmmm, loosing weight….. tricky one. Try keeping a daily chart of what you eat and drink and attach it to your fridge (or somewhere else that you might remember about it). Knowing that you’ll be reading about it for the next few weeks is quite a powerful way of discouraging choccy biccy time.

    I’m still the same weight I was when I left school. Anyone got any tips for gaining weight??!?

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