At last! A Bloglines button!

I shouldn’t be allowed near a computer. Not when it’s switched on, at any rate. It has just taken me the better part of two evenings as well as a lot of help from my gorgeous tekkie hubby to get myself a bloglines shortcut button on the side of my blog! How can they make it that difficult? I thought this stuff was all meant to be foolproof? I went and generated my html code from the website, feeling very proud that I was doing anything involving something called “html code” in the first place, copied and pasted it where it told me to copy and paste…and nothing happened. Lots of times. In the end, tekkie hubby came and explained what all the bits of code meant, and split it up into all the little boxes that WordPress provide in their ‘insert link’ section, and eventually it works. So please make it all worth the time and energy I put into getting the button, and use it! (“Did anyone else have problems, or is it only me?” /asks in very small voice!)


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  1. […] Now, I know I’m not the most technically aware person in the world, but even so, I seem to have had quite a few teething troubles with WordPress. First off, I had real problems trying to install my bloglines button (as I mentioned before) as the code that I was given over at the Bloglines website didn’t actually neatly fit into the box it was supposed to go in. It had to be split between two boxes, then some of the surplus code had to be removed. Well, if I hadn’t had hubby to tell me which bits to keep and which bits to save I’d still be there now! […]

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