“No news is good news” – what does that mean?

I never understood that phrase. Is it infinitely cynical in nature, in that all news is bad, or does it mean that if you’ve had no news, that’s a good thing? Noone would think that I have an A-Level in English, and a degree in Law!

Anyway, this is all a roundabout way of telling you that I have no news to share, but as I’m so new to the blogosphere (so new that I just had a deal of trouble typing blogosphere!) I still feel guilty if I don’t post every day.

So, my preparations for NaNoWriMo are still underway. So far I’ve written the general plotline, all the character names and also a few of the first chapter summaries. I’m not quite sure how much I should plan though. Will it all be a bit too clinical, when I come to actually write it, if I plan the whole novel out, chapter by chapter? Or am I just kidding myself thinking that I’d actually stick to so detailed a plan anyway?

I’ve also started writing a short story for my boys which I’m illustrating with family photos. This has a dual purpose. Firstly, Boy 1 is really enjoying reading at the moment, and I thought that if I wrote a personalised book about him and his friends he might enjoy that as a Christmas present. Secondly, it’s good practice for me to have to think up stories, and then put them onto paper. I’m about half way through this book at the moment. It will only be very short, with maybe 20-25 pages, and half a dozen lines of text on each page. It’s also an opportunity for me to make fun of my darling husband by finding lots of daft pictures of him to include (not too hard a search!).

Well, hopefully I’ll have something more exciting to tell you tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll find ten minutes to have a look at some other websites with a view to at least commenting on current events. You never know your luck!


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