Time management

I have been thinking about my potential masterpiece, and have decided that I need to allot certain amounts of time to spend doing my writing, research and preparation etc. If I give myself free reinI’ll either spend all day in front of the computer or I’ll do nothing at all. Therefore, I propose to allow myself one hour before lunchtime on each weekday to work,ย  and then as much time after the boys are in bed as I can manage without neglecting things like friendships, or personal hygiene! I’m hoping that this will give me sufficient time to reach my 1667 words per day target, but still allow me some semblance of a normal life. It would be nice if my sons still recognise me by the 1st December!

As you can see, today my frame of mind is very much in favour of attempting NaNoWriMo. If I still feel this positive in a week I’ll sign up. There. I’ve almost made a decision!


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