Growing up and my flair for the artistic!

Well. post number two, and I haven’t lost this blog yet – can only be a good thing! Just in case you’re interested, the picture of the sunset at the top of this screen is my own work – I took it on a flight to Barcelona, and I think it looks better with only the middle section of the photo showing! Much more dramatic!

 I’ve been thinking how all of a sudden all my friends are growing up. I’m 27, and for quite a while I was in the minority in my state of married motherhood, but now others are joining the gang! Heather’s married with a gorgeous baby daughter, Mark and Ross are both also married, Owen’s just announced his engagement and I’m just waiting for Jo and Antonia to set a date! And there are plenty more! Plus, lots of people are getting big grown up jobs now, like Mark being a solicitor, Maria qualifying as a solicitor early next year, the aforementioned Owen having his own business and countless others settling into what they actually want to do.


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